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Detailed information about changes since TTDPatch 1.9 (including changes in 2.0 rev 1). You can use the up arrows [up] to get back to the top of this page.

[up] New Patches

Please read the manual (linked to by the question mark [?]) for a detailed description of each feature.
  • [?] New Graphics for all vehicle types: now it is possible to load graphics for all types of vehicles, not only ships
  • [?] Unified Maglev (unifiedmaglev, -XM): Make both monorail and maglev engines available for both track systems, which are in reality two different aspects of magnetic levitation
  • [?] Bridge Speed Limits (bridgespeedlimits, -XX): Set the speed limit of the two fastest bridge types
  • [?] Eternal Game (eternalgame, -Xe): Keep playing forever, time no longer stops in 2070
  • [?] Show Full Date (showfulldate, -d): Always show the full date, including the day, in the status bar (not only when paused)
  • [?] Signals on Road Traffic Side (signalsontrafficside, -Ys): Display railway signals on the same side as the road traffic
  • [?] Electrified Railways (electrifiedrailway, -XE): Join monorail and maglev (see unimaglev above), and replace the second track system with electrified railways. Load the elrails.grf file to see the catenary system.
  • [?] New Starting Year (startyear, -XY): Choose the year in which new games start
  • [?] Realistic Acceleration (mountains, -m, curves, -c): Change the calculation of train and road vehicle acceleration to a more realistic one
  • [?] Error Popup Time (errorpopuptime, -YE): Choose how long (in seconds) red error popup windows are shown
  • [?] New Town Growth Switches (too many switches to list): Modify what factors cause a town to grow and how much
  • [?] Miscellaneous Modifications (miscmods, -Yo): Selectively disable some minor aspects of the patch (such as some generalfixes modifications)
  • [?] Save Optional Data (saveoptionaldata, -Xx): Save additional data in the savegame to ensure consistency
  • [?] More Build Options (morebuildoptions, -YB): Build more industries per town, oil refineries away from the map, and crossing tunnels
  • [?] Semaphore Signals (semaphores, -YS): Use semaphores for signals before 1975. Need to load signals.grf from above to see them.
  • [?] Plant Many Trees (plantmanytrees, -Yp): Plant a large rectangular area of trees with two clicks
  • [?] More Hotkeys (morehotkeys, -YH): Define hot keys for all options in the railway and road construction menus, as well as for display settings such as building transparency
  • [?] More Currencies and Euro (morecurrencies, -XC; cusmultiplier): Introduce the Euro currency in 2002, and add the Hungarian Forint to the currency list as well as a custom currency
  • [?] Manual Track Conversion (manualconvert, -Ym): Convert track from on type to another simply by building over it
  • [?] Enhanced Graphical User Interface (enhancegui, -YG): Improve station construction menu by showing buttons for all sizes from largestations, and enhance the depot window to simplify selling many vehicles
  • [?] More Town Statistics (moretownstats, -Yt): Show how amount of passengers, mail, goods accepted by towns (also food and water depending on climate)
  • [?] New Wagon Age Rating (newagerating, -Ya): Make station ratings less susceptible to slightly aged wagons
  • [?] Build on Slopes (buildonslopes, -Yb): Construct tracks, roads, depots and stations on slopes (with some restrictions)
  • [?] Track Type Cost Differences (tracktypecostdiff, -Yc): Make the advanced track systems be more expensive
  • [?] New Plane Speed (planespeed, -YP): Make planes fly at the indicated speed, not a quarter thereof
  • [?] Build on Coasts (buildoncoasts, -YC): Build on coasts without having to bulldoze the water first
  • [?] Sell Entire Trains (fastwagonsell, -Yw): Sell entire trains by selling the engine with Ctrl
  • [?] New Road Vehicle Crashes (newrvcrash, -Yr): Choose what happens when road vehicles and trains collide
  • [?] Stable Industries (stableindustry, -Xi): Prevent any industry from closing down if a stable economy is selected
  • [?] Experimental Features (experimentalfeatures, -XF): various experimental features that are still under development

[up] New Sign Cheats

  • [?] Cht: Semaphores: Switch between semaphore and light signals
  • [?] Cht: PlantTrees: Plant trees in a rectangular area around the sign (especially useful for lumber mills)
  • [?] Cht: RemoveHQ: Remove the comany headquarters
  • [?] Cht: Climate: Switch the current climate
  • [?] Cht: Subsidy: Force a new subsidy to be offered
  • [?] Cht: Debugger: Activate TTD's built-in debugger
  • [?] Cht: Graphics: Activate or deactivate specific new .grf files

[up] New in [?] generalfixes:

  • The display of all amounts of litres is multiplied by 10, because 1000 litres are a ton, not 100
  • Subsidies for food or fizzy drinks will work now (previously the target was an industry instead of a town)
  • When a station is removed permanently (the gray sign disappears), all subsidies connected to that station are removed as well to prevent bugs and crashes.
  • Bridges and tunnels owned by nobody (i.e. placed in the scenario editor) can now be removed by anyone
  • Fixed bug in number of town buildings if building under construction was removed
  • Towns can now build on water banks
  • The icons for monorail and maglev tunnels are now correct (they were switched before)
  • TTD will no longer build temperate-climate banks in the sub-tropical climate
  • TTD will no longer show a church instead of some shops & offices in snow areas
  • Zeppelins no longer crash on heliports. With miscmods 128, they won't crash on large airports either.
  • Remember previous track type and use it as default for the rail construction window. Can be disabled by miscmods 512.
  • Ships stuck under a bridge will be able to break free
  • Wooden bridge and houses with the lowest start year are available in all years now, to avoid lock-ups
  • Rescale company graph windows when a company is deselected. Can be disabled with miscmods 2048.

[up] Other Changes

  • Full screen mode should now work in Windows 2000 and XP, as long as the graphics card supports it. It is no longer necessary to turn on Windows 95 compatibility.
  • Sign cheats can now be entered with a semicolon (e.g. "Cht; Year 1965") because the French keyboard cannot generate a colon in TTD
  • Giant screenshots no longer reset the zoom level
  • The multi-head patch can reverse all engines now, even (unrealistically) steam engines
  • Subsidiaries and "Cht: PlayerID" should work fine in multiplayer games now
  • With moveerrorpopup, the error message is now always moved to the top-left corner
  • The file name of crash logs is now crash*.txt, not ttdcrash.*, and the crash logger works for the Windows version too
  • Loading games with a too large [?] morevehicles setting should be reasonably safe, "reducedsaves" is now obsolete (or rather automatic).
  • Several sign cheats have been renamed: Reloadengines is now Resetvehicles, RemoveEngines is now RemoveVehicles and AllEngines is now AllVehicles. The old names are still recognized, but they are considered obsolete now and will be removed in a future version.
  • When writing a configuration file, TTDPatch sorts new switches alphabetically, and retains the order of the existing switches (but see [?] debug switches)
  • With morenews, news items are displayed when a lumber mill runs out of trees, and when an airport is cleared of a crashed plane or zeppelin
  • It is now possible to have signs with identical texts, previously all signs had to be unique
  • The Windows version now has a program icon, and the DOS version is supplied with an auxiliary icon file (which should be used automatically by Windows)
  • Bit switches can now be specified more [?] conveniently
  • "keepsmallairports" now only applies to human players, which should help with the problem of the AI sending large planes to small airports, causing lots of crashes
  • When clicking on the depot button in a vehicle window, if the current order is to a depot already, the vehicle will now obey the manual depot order
  • The AI now always buys both heads, whether 'multihead' is on or off
  • It is now possible to remove company statues (but not other companies' statues) without the Ctrl key if the 'extradynamite' switch is on
  • When all company statues are removed from a town the transport rating bonus also vanishes now
  • Limited keyboard remapping capability is now available for WinTTD (activated if the remapping file ttdpatchw.kbd is present)
  • With miscmods 1024, the amount of steam produced by a steam engine is doubled, and it lasts twice as long.
  • No wagons are displayed, and no "New wagon available" messages appear if there are no engines to buy.

[up] Bug Fixes

  • Several crashes in Windows XP were fixed
  • Fixed problem on Windows 2000 and XP, giving the error message "No language data present."
  • Fixed bug in TTD: UFO explosions sometimes removed one of the entrances of a tunnel, and other objects that should not be removed
  • With gotodepot on, airports could sometimes stall if all terminals were occupied
  • Train wagons will now never disappear from the purchase list
  • In the Windows version, the backspace key is safe to use now, and will never trigger a "replay" of previous key strokes
  • In the DOS version, using the keyboard shortcuts for screenshots (Ctrl-S and Ctrl-G) will no longer cause multiple screenshots to be made
  • Fixed bug with bribe option in multiplayer games: if a bribe failed, all companies were banned from the town, not only the one attempting the bribe
  • With moreairports on, sometimes cities refused construction of the first airport
  • Improved TTD error messages when problems occur placing bridges as well as placing some items on a slope
  • TTD bug fixed: the maximum cost of terrain levelling for town expansion is a fixed value, independent of inflation (activated by 'generalfixes', can be disabled by 'miscmods 128')
  • TTD bug fixed: period ('.') works as backspace in WinTTD (activated if 'generalfixes' or 'win2k' is enabled, or keyboard remapping is active)
  • Fixed bug with wagons getting lost if moved after the second head of a multi-headed train with multihead off and new graphics
  • Fixed the way steam plumes, diesel smoke and electric sparks are generated, especially in mixed multi-head setups. Also show more of them if the engine is using more power and realistic acceleration is active
  • Several windows were slightly adjusted to fit the new vehicle descriptions and names
  • Fixed some issues with subsidiary management
  • Fixed Local Authority actions disappearing if the cash is close to the maximum.
  • Updated sv2flip to also flip orgplayer numbers for subsidiary management
  • TTD bug fixed: it's no longer possible to place buoys in the north corner of the map (would result in a ghost buoy)
  • TTD bug fixed: New Vehicle Available message was not displayed for vehicle id 0
  • TTD bug fixed: potential sync loss after a failed action, query, or cost checking in multiplayer

    In 2.0 rev 1:
  • Selecting new currency in main menu does apply to new game now
  • fix for load/unload bug where train returns to same station without unloading and is unable to load more cargo
  • fix for the Windows version loader which caused the cryptic "TTDPatch nlp!" error message
  • fix for Euro symbol not being available if no new graphics were loaded (could also cause crashes)
  • fix for crash while parsing command line (startyear vs. newstartyear)
  • fix to manualconvert: conversion of depots with vehicles is possible, however the wagons of incorrect train type can't be attached to trains of different (new) type
  • fix bug with AI taking over original company when using subsidiary management with sign cheats disabled

[up] Known Bugs

The following bugs have been reported:
  • dxmci.dll causes a harmless crash when exiting TTD, on some versions of Windows 98

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