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4.13 Version History

For versions from 1.9 and above, this section lists the versions that introduced new features or sign cheats. It only mentions final release versions, and neither alpha nor beta versions. It also omits all minor changes, bug fixes and small improvements to existing versions. For a full list of changes, check the change log on the source code page of the TTDPatch site.

Version Changes
V2.0 New Graphics for all vehicle types
09/25/03 Unified Maglev
Bridge Speed Limits
Eternal Game
Show Full Date
Signals on Road Traffic Side
Electrified Railways
New Starting Year
Realistic Acceleration
Error Popup Time
New Town Growth Switches
Miscellaneous Modifications
Save Optional Data
More Build Options
Semaphore Signals
Plant Many Trees
More Hotkeys
More Currencies and Euro
Manual Track Conversion
Enhanced Graphical User Interface
More Town Statistics
New Wagon Age Rating
Build on Slopes
Track Type Cost Differences
New Plane Speed
Build on Coasts
Sell Entire Trains
New Road Vehicle Crashes
Stable Industries
Cht: Semaphores to switch between semaphore and light signals
Cht: PlantTrees to plant trees in a rectangular area around the sign
Cht: RemoveHQ to remove the company headquarters
Cht: Climate to switch the current climate
Cht: Subsidy to force a new subsidy to be offered
Cht: Debugger to activate TTD's built-in debugger
Cht: Graphics to activate or deactivate specific new .grf files
V1.9 Go to Depot
10/29/02 New ship models and graphics
Cht: PlayerID supports switching temporarily
Subsidiary management
Move red error popup windows into a corner
Gradual loading/unloading
Signal wait times
Disaster selection
Distinction between forced and regular auto-renewal
News items generated for more events
Custom in-game texts
Cht: NoUnload
Cht: ReloadEngines
Lots of bug fixes again...
V1.8.1 Multiheaded Steam and Diesel engines smoke properly
07/24/02 Cht: PlayerID
Feeder service
Added Hungarian, Italian and Spanish translations
Pre-signals without signals are green now
Screenshots work in the Windows version too
Many bugfixes: Ctrl key, Clearghosts, etc.
V1.8 Add extended command line options (-X...)
03/11/02 Plane crash control (by Marcin)
Bribe option
Show current vehicle speed
Sign cheats optionally cost money
New signal graphics for pre-signals
More complex pre-signal setups
Autorenew: automatically renew old vehicles
Crash logger for crashes of the DOS version
Windows 2000/XP compatibility for the Windows version
Savegames with more vehicles now get a trp filename
Add load option to the disk menu
City bridges can be removed
Cht: AllEngines, Cht: RemoveEngines, Cht: ClearPreSig
Multihead option now has an optional speedup parameter
Convert source code from C++ to C (by Marcin)
... and many, many bug fixes
V1.7 TTDPatch supports the Windows version of TTD
02/24/01 Trains with additional engines for more power
TTDPatch can swap out and leave more memory to TTD
A low memory version that only needs 2.5 MB
Road vehicles queue up at the station
Cht: resetstation
More airports allowed per city
Many, many bug fixes
Now patching ttdload.ovl, not ttdload.exe
TTDPatch is now distributed under the terms of the GPL
V1.6 Several bug fixes in the cfg file, etc.
07/15/00 Keep small airports around
Fixed eternal servicing after 2055
Build 7x7 station with Ctrl
Longer bridges, up to half the map length
Multiplayer: Cheats only affect player placing signs
Bulldoze all city roads
Boost AI, set recursion factor
Cht: AllNonStop and Cht: NoNonStop
Cht: ServInt
Automatic language selection and support for English, Dutch, French, German and Italian.
V1.5.1 Configuration file support
10/16/99 Convert source code to C++
Convert docs to Texinfo
Framework for multiple language support
V1.5 Turn off inflation
09/04/99 Office towers in Tropic/Arctic accept food too
Longer stations (up to 7 squares)
Borrow/Repay maximum amount by holding Ctrl key
The default service interval is selectable
Cht: DumpMemory for saving uncompressed
Pre-signals no longer experimental
Persistent engines won't become obsolete if in use
Full load for any cargo type, not the whole train
Selectable station goods
Fixed Cht: OwnCrossing (I think...)
V1.4.3 This was just a bug fix beta version, no real release
08/16/99 Fixed -trpb and -x, they were broken (except when using -a) since V1.4
V1.4.2 Three new versions supported: German, French and Spanish
V1.4.1 -w switch for pre-signals now actually works
07/31/99 (no need to use -a anymore)
V1.4 More multiplayer support (now also for -l)
07/29/99 Improved algorithm to calculate load/unload times
Mammoth trains up to 127 cars
Cht: Renew and Cht: Owncrossing
Pre-signals supported but still experimental
All switches must be entered in lowercase letters now, to allow for future switches. Sorry for the inconvenience but I'm running out of letters...
V1.3 Fixed "ghost train" bug
07/16/99 Added multiplayer support
V1.2 Enable CD-only version of TTD by passing the CD drive parameter to TTDPatch
06/06/99 Stations extensible to up to 7 equal platforms
V1.1 Now also supports version V2.01.119 with a file size of 496601 bytes.
V1.0 First version, supports TTD V2.01.119, with an executable file size of 496543 bytes.