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4.9 TTDPatch Mailing Lists

The TTDPatch mailing lists are email lists that allow you to discuss TTDPatch with other list subscribers, as well as ask questions about the patch and keep up to date with the latest developments of the patch.

Note that if you have questions about the patch or need help, there are other ways than the mailing lists described in the previous section. Use whichever you find the most convenient.

There are three mailings lists for TTDPatch:

The general topic list for questions, comments, general discussion and so on. Anyone who is subscribe can contribute. All messages to the announcements lists are copied to this list as well. This is a high volume list, with on average about 5-10 messages per day.
TTDPatch announcements only. A message is posted to this list whenever a new version of TTDPatch comes out, as well as general news and announcements about the patch and related utilities. This list is moderated, which means that only messages which are genuine announcements will be posted. It is low volume, with usually no more than one message per week.
Digested version of the above lists. All messages sent to either the general or the announcements list will be digested, and a digest is sent out on average every 30 messages, or three days after the first message in the digest, whichever comes first.

The lists are archived at It is often a good idea to search or browse the archive to see if your question has been answered already.

If you want to ask a question or contribute to the lists, you need to subscribe to them. To do that, send a message to, with the following in the message body:

subscribe <list name>

Here, the list name can be any of the above lists. For example, to subscribe to the digest list, put the following in the email body:

subscribe ttdpatch-digest

You only need to subscribe to one of the lists, because all announcements are copied to the "ttdpatch" list as well, and the digests contain message from both lists too.

Instead of composing the email yourself, you can try the following links, which should open your email program with an appropriate message, so that all you have to do is click the send button:

All emails to the announcements list are tagged so that you can filter the already infrequent messages you're not interested in. The subject line will look like this:

Subject: Beta: TTDPatch 2.0 beta 4 released

Here's a list of the possible tags:

Announcements of a new alpha, beta or release version of TTDPatch.
Messages regarding programs related to TTDPatch, such as configuration utilities
A general announcement about changes in the mailing lists; about policies, new lists etc.
General news about TTDPatch