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3.34 Load Entry in the Disk Menu

diskmenu, -Xm

This switch will change the gray bar in TTD's disk menu to show a "load game" entry. This way, you don't have to quit the current game to be able to load a new game.

It also changes the scenario editor to show a "load game" option in the disk menu as well. In addition, this entry will change to "save game" when you hold down the Ctrl key. This way, you can load a savegame in the editor, make some changes, and save it back as a savegame. Note that there are some minor problems that can occur if you do this, such as towns taking over ownership of all road-railroad level crossings. To correct this afterwards, you have to use the "OwnCrossings" sign cheat.

Note that it is not possible to save a scenario as a savegame unless it has been played as a savegame before. The reason for this is that otherwise, no companies have been founded, and effectively you are not a player in the game. Even your mouse is disabled! So, only save a game as a savegame that you actually loaded as a savegame too!